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Raleigh Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Clients Make Fresh Starts

North Carolina law firm offers debt relief options for individuals and businesses

If you need to make a fresh financial start, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you discharge your debts and stop creditor harassment. The attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates in Raleigh have helped numerous businesses and individuals throughout the city and the surrounding counties find relief from overwhelming debt through bankruptcy proceedings. If you have accumulated significant credit card debt, have fallen behind in your mortgage payments or are being bombarded with calls from collection agencies, we can help you decide if bankruptcy is right for you. With caring and compassionate representation, we will create a solid plan for reducing or eliminating your debt and assist you through the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy attorneys help homeowners keep their homes

If you are struggling financially, bankruptcy may be the best way to obtain debt relief, but if you own a home, you may be concerned about losing it in the process. Our knowledgeable attorneys can advise as to how the following bankruptcy options may impact your ability to keep your home:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — Sometimes called fresh-start bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate many kinds of debt in exchange for the sale of your nonexempt property. Under the homestead exemption, you may claim as exempt from sale the equity in your home up to a certain amount. If you have little or no equity in your home and are current on your mortgage payments, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a viable option for you.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you create an affordable plan to repay creditors using your available income. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option if you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments but want to keep your home. If you are able to cure any arrearages in your mortgage over the repayment plan period, you may avoid foreclosure.

If you own a home and are considering a bankruptcy filing, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you decide the best course of action based on your individual circumstances and needs.

Attorneys assist in negotiating debt relief options

Bankruptcy is not the only way to obtain debt relief. If you have significant credit card debt, you may be able to negotiate directly with the credit company to establish a repayment plan on terms you can afford. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage or other loan, you may be able to negotiate a loan modification with new terms such as a lower interest rate or an extended term. Repayment plans and loan modifications may be sought on their own or as part of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our attorneys can assist with the negotiations and paperwork necessary to obtain debt relief through affordable repayment terms so that you are once again on a firm financial footing.

Contact a qualified North Carolina bankruptcy lawyer for a free initial consultation

If you would like to find out if bankruptcy is right for you, Brent Adams & Associates offers a free initial consultation. We are conveniently located in Raleigh on Wake Forest Road, easily accessible from the Beltline. To schedule your free consultation, please call 910-591-1239 or contact us online.

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